Sunday, 3 June 2007

Golden Rain tree

I've been looking at our laburnum tree for days now and trying to decide if it was at its best yet to take a photograph of it. Rain has been forecast for tomorrow so the flowers might be coming down if there is wind too which made today the day I'm posting the picture. We planted the laburnum which in Dutch translated is called Golden Rain tree (don't you just love that name!), a year after we moved in here, so that's 11 years ago and although it flowered last year, it has reached its fullest glory so far this year as spring was so warm ( for Scotland!) and we had no late frosts. In fact, I don't think we had frost at all since about March. I could just about drown in that fantastic yellow colour. Such joy! I visited the Artstamp show at the Corn Exchange in Edinburgh today and had saved all my card sale money specially. Needless to say it's all gone now but in exchange I've got some wonderful new stamps (from, also a handy new tool for eyelet setting in all kinds of material including fabric and also tin, a book about ATCs from The Netherlands and the latest edition of the Craft Stamper magazine. Also some sumptious fabric flowers just the right size for ATCs, which I bought from a delightful Chinese lady who was so impressed with her visit to Scotland. Made me realize once again what a glorious country I live in.

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