Saturday, 26 May 2007

Somerset Studio Gallery Summer 2007

I pre-ordered this issue months ago and today not one but two copies actually arrived. This could only mean one thing: they had used one of my pieces! And yes, indeed on page no. 13, there was my La Bella Vita 10.5" square piece!

I originally made it back in November 2006 on the theme of blue and here is my description:

I’ve always associated blue with Italy, its immense blue skies, azure seas and Renaissance paintings of the Madonna, usually dressed in blue. I’ve tried to convey some of this in La Bella Vita. There is also symbolism in the piece which alludes to the transience of life as can be found in many of these paintings, such as the clock, butterflies and birds.

The instructions for the piece are:

Make a collage on a background of muslin using watered down PVA glue to hold it all together. Use torn magazine images to suit the theme such as Italian words, large Madonna image and other blue pictures suitable to the theme, as well as torn blue tissue paper. Let it dry, trim to 10 ½” square size, layer with cotton batting and sew around the edge with blue thread to hold layers together. Cut out gypsy girl scrap (Mamelok Press Ltd.) and glue into position. Attach turquoise rose (Artchix) with a bead. Stamp gentleman image (Hero Arts) on a piece of torn blue fabric with Fabrico black ink, layer on torn piece of green/blue fabric and stitch into position on the collaged background. Stitch magazine cutting of renaissance faces into position to cover his head. . Sew fabric blue flower on the corner as shown. Add flower sequins and yellow beads on gentleman’s coat as shown. Stitch Absinthine transparency (Altered Pages) in position. Glue down 3 blue bird postage stamps and sew around the edges. Glue down clock charm (Collage Stuff). Sewn on with beads the 3 bird and 3 butterfly sequins (source unknown). Layer the piece with 10.1/2” square of watercolour paper and zigzag machine stitch around the edges to attach. Add the white and blue flower trim around the edges with straight stitching and finally add a blue size 11 seed bead to the flower centres of the trim.

I definitely did a happy dance as it's still so lovely to be published in a non-fabric magazine as I feel it means my mixed media pieces are worthy of standing by themselves, without being associated with me as a quilter.


katelnorth said...

This is a beautiful piece - and many congratulations on having it used.

Studio Panorama said...

Congratulations Frieda. Its awesome!!

lauren said...

Frieda, it's just beautiful! Congratulations on having it published. Of course your work is worthy! I'm happy for you. And, the sunset above is so lovely, thanks for sharing it.

lauren Mumford

Lenna said...

Frieda, this is a most beautiful piece! Thank you so for the instructions as well. I have never made a collage like this with watered down PVA glue & magazine images and such on muslin. So intriguing and makes me want to try it.

You are an award winning quilter *and* an amazing mixed media artist, plus all your pieces have a special style that is all YOU! COngratulaions on being published again : ))))

Anonymous said...

Congrats Frieda! What a gorgeous piece. Can hardly wait for my magazine.


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