Thursday, 14 June 2007

Black & White ATCs

As I stated in my last post, I have been quietly working away on my colour combination ATCs, now getting well ahead of schedule with the black & white ones. I used as my background part of a silk black/white sleeve, given to me. It was cut apart, layered up with wadding (or batting in US speak) and then quilted in straight lines over the checked pattern lines with white thread.

I tried in the 5 ATCs I made (4 for the swap and 1 for my 100 ATC project) to sort of tell a story. The ladies in transparency and fabric are from Divasdeste while the Paris postage stickers are from Artchix and the vellum ticket Londonderry is from Altered Pages. I feel putting Paris related items on any piece adds that certain piquancy, that only the French capital can contribute. And the Londonderry (in Northern Ireland) adds just the right note too (thing along the lines of innocent Irish girl finds herself in Paris).

You can imagine the rest of the story for yourself ( I always think that is a lot more entertaining than me spelling it out! You might imagine something totally different from me!), but I had a lot of fun putting it together. The text is from one of my vintage books. This one is all about knights, maidens in distress and nuns (for some reason this books features a lot of nuns!). You know the kind of thing. Every time I cut out text I end up reading yet another chapter of what was in its day (late 19th C) probably a pretty racy book).
The last ATC in the black/white series is ATC 63 of my 100 ATC project and is also the last ATC in my little story. Again the image is from Divasdeste (I just love this one, she looks so wishfull)while the transparency is from Artchix. They just went so well together with the text which was the actual starting point for this ATC.


Debby Harriettha said...

Frieda I adore these black and white atc's. Gorgeous.

Lenna said...

These B & W ATCs have such a feeling about them Frieda! They really do look like they could tell a story even without the words . . . although I love reading the ones you chose as well. I can imagine it must be hard not to stop and read a chapter! Gorgeous workmanship, as always I love your style.


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