Thursday, 21 June 2007

Fabric Postcard for Quilters Guild New Home

I spend a happy hour at the library this morning, uploading my pictures of Journal Quilts and Round Robin Journal pages to my preferred photo shop Photobox. What would have taken about 2 hours here at home, took less than 5 minutes in the library, using broadband. The files were huge as they were all 300dpi scans to get good quality pictures.

I felt I had saved so much time and felt so virtuous that I started on some now urgent projects which had been lounging on my to do list for quite some time.

First I made a fabric postcard to help raise money for the new home (St Anthony's in York!) for the Quilters Guild of the British Isles. All members should make at least one card which will be sold at the Knitting & Stitching Show at Alexandra Palace in London in October this year. I wanted to make something with a quilting theme and as soon as I came across this Red Riding Hood pictures (from a fabric sheet by Alphastamps), I knew I had found my theme.

I already had the green background, made by couching yarn down onto a fabric background. I added additional colour to the quilt on the bed with fabric paints and added wee (very wee!) buttons. I added the text with my Dymo label maker and it reads: "Never mind your nose, grandmother. How did you make that quilt?" I added a small frame (Artchix) in which I put a picture of the Mona Lisa (Artchix) for no other reason than that I loved the juxtaposition of all these elements.
On a roll now I also used the same background to make another fabric postcard, this time for an exhibition by the 232 Group (all graduates from Cardonald College, Glasgow, City & Guilds courses) which will take place this coming August in the Smith Art Gallery, Stirling. About that more in due course.
But we were asked to make a postcard each for sale. The image is again from Alphastamps and the yummy trim comes from a market stall in Bennekom, the Netherlands, where my mother lives. I added the quote .So the days dragged from a vintage book, called The Forest Lovers.

Another thing to cross off the list but mysteriously as soon as I cross something off another thing gets added so it is a sort of perpetual circle of things I have to get on with. I suppose it must be the reason I'm never, ever bored!!


Linda said...

Great theme - I'll have to look out for this when I'm shoping :-)

Lenna said...

Gorgeous, Frieda! I think you produce as much art as you do because of the way you keep a list of things "to do" and keep filling it up! : ) smart woman!


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