Thursday, 21 June 2007

Log Cabin Ladies

Two blogs in one day is something I don't usually do but I just had to share the good news with whoever is reading this just now. I was called by Grosvenor Exhibitions tonight to tell me my quilt Log Cabin Ladies had won the Theme section of the National Quilt Championships, held in Sandown. The theme was Log Cabin Frenzy and although I don't usually make quilts specially for competitions I simply felt I had to make a quilt for this one as, believe it or not, I had never made a log cabin quilt in all the years I've been making quilts. So it seemed a good idea to finally get on with it. The Frenzy bit of the competion started me thinking about how I could portray this and I quickly came up with the idea of using images from my vintage postcard collection of lovely ladies for the centre of the log cabins.
And what could these ladies be in a frenzy about?? Of course it had to be a man!!! So he could have the place of honour and he was adorned with buttons while the ladies had to have their sparkly jewels in the shape of bead embroidery around the logs.

All the fabrics used in this quilt are commercially available batiks and I was also inspired to make it by a picture of a vintage quilt from Pennsylvania, I saw in a French magazine. This quilt had rectangular blocks, which suited the format of my vintage ladies postcards and whoever made it (unknown maker) had managed to alternate either light or dark frames around the centre block in a very random fashion which was very difficult to emulate. Still I think I have managed to capture the same sort of effect in this quilt.

I've won a trophy and a Bernina sewing machine of which I will take possession during the Scottish Quilt Championships later this year in September to make things easy, as I don't have a pressing need for another sewing machine just now (I've got 4!). And of course a rozette, simply love those the very, very best. I mean, those rozettes are what we are doing it for!

Can you tell I'm just a triffle over-excited! Just like my log cabin ladies in fact!


katelnorth said...

hey, great news. I will look forward to seeing the quilt in person (or should that be, "in quilt"?) tomorrow at Sandown. It looks lovely on your blog, but they are always nicer in person. If I manage a decent photo (never sure at Sandown, the lighting can be pretty bad) I will email it to you - always fun to have one of your quilt hanging at a show, especially if it has a wee rosette on the side :)

Debby Harriettha said...

Frieda it is just incredible. So gorgeous! Congratulations!!!!

Lenna said...

Oh, Frieda! I would be a trifle over-excited too!! WOW. You GO!! I am so happy for you - what wonderful news & a most beautiful and intreiging quilt. I love the ladies in the center of the squares - great idea! : )))

NuvoFelt said...

Congratulations, Frieda. Very well deserved, it's beautiful

Fiona said...

Hurrah! Congratulations, Frieda. Another beautiful quilt. I'm still wondering how that part of Scotland seems to have 34 hours in the day!


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