Saturday, 16 June 2007

Joining the Circus

Today was the day our partners were announced for the June 4 x 4 Mingle on the Mailartbydesign group. The theme was Circus and my piece will be mailed to Jan W. on Monday. Here is the picture. The background is one of my fabric collages, made with among others a napkin with a lovely circular design which seemed to suit the Circus athmosphere as it made me think of juggling balls in the air.

Over the collage I sewed a vellum image of a circus poster from Altered Pages. This was beaded around the edges with gold beads. In the right hand corner went the clown (from a transparency sheet from Alphastamps). Finally I glued down some shiny crystals in keeping with the balls in the air theme and bordered it with sticky tape covered in sparkly bits.
I'm still hard at work on my Journal Quilt for Houston and enjoying it hugely, specially as the weather outside is atrogeous, windy, wet and horrible. Such a shame as all the tall oxeye daisies and other plants are leaning over precariously and the laburnum tree is fast loosing all its blossom. John went around like a whirling dervish trying to put netting around it all before he went to work! A bit like my juggler, in fact!

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Lenna said...

"I'm running away to join the circus" - how perfect!! I don't even usually go for a circus theme, but I love this 4x4 collage. The description of your weather as you were working is so appropriate - thank you for sharing all of this! : ) lenna


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