Friday, 22 June 2007

More Summer Garden ATCs for Lenna's Swap

I had a look at all the lovely, wonderful ATCs made for the Summer Garden Fabric ATC swap organized by the gorgeous Lenna Andrews and being ever greedy for more fabric ATCs decided I wanted to make more than the 3 already send to Lenna. She generously allows us to make the ATCs in multiples of 3 so I've made another 6 (plus 1 extra for Lenna) which will go in the mail to her on Monday.

After learning about my win yesterday, I seemed to take off on a huge doze of adrenalin and I worked away fiendishly the rest of the evening in my studio.
The first set is from the same fabric collage as I used for Bev's album, with images of pansies and other flowers. To this mix I added some absolutely adorable flower fairy pictures from a paper sheet from Altered Pages that I painted with Pearlescent Acrylic Paint in blue to tone them in with the rest of the collage. I added small transparencies (3 from Bmuse and one from Altered Pages again).

I made an extra one (see the top of this blog) which has become ATC no. 64 in my 100 ATC project, and is called P is for Pansy.
From the remnants of another fabric collage (the one for my May Journal Quilt) I made another 4 cards. This time I added transparencies of flower girls from a Bmuse sheet which again seemed to be made to go with my background. I added quotations which are from a vintage book, which celebrate the sun. Appropriate enough for these sunny yellow ATCs. Here is a detailed card to see how it's done. All the cards are stitched onto a paper background at the very end, using a zigzag stitch on the sewing machine.

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Lenna said...

oh, frieda.... i mosey on over here to your blog just to see if perchance you have added something new . . . and lo and behold you have - AND it is more ATCs for my Garden swap that are making me swwoooon! Seriously, they are. I love your original 3, but these 6 more (and 1 for me - oh mY!) are so lovely. Thank you for all that you share with us. i love your style and agree with all the judges who award you - you certainly do produce award winning work!


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