Sunday, 10 June 2007

New Bead Shop and Fabric ATC class

On Saturday the new bead shop in Peebles opened, run by Rachel, my jewellery teacher, and her friend. And yes, I bought quite a few beads as well as a lovely bag from Madagascar and a beading book! Should you find yourself in Peebles, here is the address:

brave new beads
The Old Tweedale Building
Innerleithen Road

The plan is to also start a beading group which will meet in the shop during the 2nd Tuesday evening each month where we can meet up and bead, with expert advice available if necessary. We will probably call ourselves the Brave New Beaders but more about this later. We hope to start in September.
Today I was teaching my Fabric ATC class at the Purely Patchwork Shop in Linlithgow. It was a really enjoyable day although I had some trouble persuading the participants to swap! Here are a few pictures of the ATCs finished on the day as well as a picture of my supplies table for my stamping on fabric demonstration. I also demonstrate making a fabric collage and the one I did today will be for the burgundy and green swap on MailartbyDesign. This was my last teaching commitment before the summer and although I still have to write some articles I feel I can breathe a little easier now. I've started work on my Journal Quilt for Houston (which has to be kept top secret so this is all I will say about it!!) and I'm really pleased with it so far. The thinking usually takes the longest and my thinking re this one has been going on for more than 6 months so it was about time to get started on the actual making!!


Helen Cowans said...

Hi Oh! Lucky you to have a bead shop in Peebles. I wish it wasn't such a long drive - or I'd be there every Tuesday. I've got two more teaching days left before my summer break..... can't wait! Helen

Anonymous said...

Hi. I live in Peebles. I did a google search to find the phone number of Brave New Beads as I am meant to be going to a class there tonight. Your website is all that came up because you mention it. Would you know the phone number? Love your designs by the way.
If you could let me know by 5 that would be great. Thanks
my email is


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