Friday, 8 June 2007

Riches of Stitches exhibition

Talking about publishing new work on this blog in my recent post suddenly brought to mind the fact that I had mailed a cushion for the Riches of Stitches exhibition during the week of the Loch Lomond Quilt Show. In all the excitement of the show and the subsequent work collecting all the quilts as well as preparing for another workshop I had totally forgotten all about this. I did check it had arrived okay but after that the entire thing had completely slipped my mind till Lenna asked the question about posting pictures of new work. The cushion is called Intimations of Immortality and has been stamped (on silk) with images and text appropriate to this title. It has then been dyed, using Dye-na-Flow and Deka Silk Paints. I then layered it with wadding (or batting in US speak) and quilting it with seed stitching all over. I added further embellishments in the shape of beads, buttons, and foiling. Finally I beaded small tassels around the perimeter of the custion.

I should of course have photographed it without the cushion pad as this would have made things so much simpler but needless to say this enlightened thought did not come my way till after I had already mailed it off so this is the best I did before. I will have to remember to photograph it better once it comes back but this won't be till September or so. You can see the detail better on this picture.
The Riches of Stitches is an exhibition showcasing the work of members of the British Embroiderers' Guild and it is held bi -annually. The exhibition is currently at the Bilston Art Gallery (until the 7th July) and will then move onto the Bankfield Museum, Halifax


Debby Harriettha said...

Frieda what a glorious site. This cushion is just stunning.

Lenna said...

This is beautiful, Frieda. So detailed! I would love to see closer photos - too bad I just can't mosey over to the exhibition!! (I did go to the link). : )) Congrats on all your work being shown and ALL the incredible fabric art you produce. You are amazing! Such beadwork & stitching, wow. I am certainly enjoying your blog!
: ) lenna

Helen Cowans said...

Good luck in the competition. Cushio looks great. Helen


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