Sunday, 15 July 2007

More garden pictures

I've been doing the final beading on a large (220 x 122 cm) quilt today and the end is finally in sight. Only the sleeve yet to do. But in the morning the sun was shining and this has been such a rare event this summer I made the most of it by strolling through the garden and taking pictures of everything which is in flower and looking good at the moment. There was such an abundance of riches!

First of all there are the rambling roses which are draped over the fence along where we go to the old railway line to walk our dogs which means we can enjoy them both when we're in the garden and when we're on our way. The roses are a mixture of 2 gigantic ramblers (don't get these if you have only a small garden, as they're real thugs). The white flowers are from Rambling Rector and the pale pink ones from Paul's Himalayan Musk. They are now starting to wind themselves into the trees too which is exactly what we were looking for when we first planted them some 6 years ago. I love roses but we live in a spot which is not too suitable for them. Despite that we simply had to have them in our garden. I specially love the old ones, which were around even in the Middle Ages. I love the idea that I'm wandering around looking at the same flowers monks did all those hundreds of years ago. Yes, I know, I'm a romantic dreamer and I enjoy it. I have a lot of old roses in the garden and they all look spectacular but even better, they smell so good!

This one is called Gardenia and smells heavenly!!

In one of our flowerbed, we planted these gorgeous yellow plant which we bought at one of the open garden events we regularly go and visit in the neighbourhood. These flowers are such an unusal shape, they were a must have!

The other things that never cease to amaze me are the different ways in which our evergreen trees produce fruit. The cones are all different shapes and sizes but these are my alltime favourite. They are very, very dark. Purple almost going into black. And this year the trees produced so many of them, probably due to the warm weather in April. In the sunshine they look like large jewels and it's strange to think that by next year they might have started to produce new young trees. I'm still completely in awe which how well nature is organized!But back to colour and I don't think anything else has such majestic, amazing blue as the delphinium in our courtyard bed. You feel you could just dive in and start swimming.
They look entirely natural as opposed to the geraniums in the windowboxes which are more artificial but just as lovely in their own way. They always remind me of my favourite book when I was a child: The Little White Horse by Elizabeth Goudge, where pink geraniums caused quite a stir because the Moon Princess loved them and the person who wanted to marry her, hated them. Don't worry though, there was a happy ending and the geraniums stayed.

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