Monday, 13 August 2007

Artchix Turquoise Swap

I could not resist signing up for this Artchix swap, which is in the safe hands of LuAnn and she is definitely a great hostess as well as a very sweet person. It's not actually due till October but as I was prevaricating today (problems with a large quilt which has reached a sort of dead end!) I decided to give myself a treat and work on the ATCs for this swap.

The requirements stated we needed to use at least one Artchix image and also the gorgeous new German scrap which they now do in turquoise as well.

I had a look to see if I had any turquoise bits left over in my stack of fabric/paper collages and managed to scrape together enough for 7 ATCs, six of which are for the swap and the 7th will be ATC no. 70 about which more later. The images for the swap cards come from M119 (Christmas Fun), C206 (Special Delivery), C211 (Loveliness) and C236 (Hello Dolly) as well as from the transparency sheets T438 (A Stamp in Time), T415 (Playtime) and T439 (Tell me a story). Some of the text comes from their vintage magazines (ab1094). They will soon be on their way to LuAnn.
Finally I made ATC no. 70 for my 100 ATC project, which is called Sad, strange Isabella. It uses an image from Artchix sheet C211 (Loveliness) and the text comes from one of my vintage books. The background landscape comes from a napkin which in its turn was inspired by Toile de Jouy fabric. I find it quite amusing to make a fabric collage using a napkin which is imitating fabric in its turn. What comes around, goes around in a strange sort of way.

The mail brought back my Summer Garden ATCs from Lenna's swap, what a wonderful collection and also an extra one from Lenna which is made with the Artchix Floral Card designed by me!! Another wonderful example from the above saying. Here it is:
Thanks so much, Lenna, I will treasure it and I already try to live by its message!! It's a great reminder, though!


Quilt Pixie said...

The turquoise is stunning!

francofil said...

More beautiful ATCs - I especially liked the one you made for your 100 ATC project


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