Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Alphastamps Fabric Postcard for August Contest

Alphastamps have started a new feature on their Forum. Every month there will be a contest (with prize! which I have to say is gorgeous!) for an item made using their supplies. As I've build up quite a collection of their sheets (and there are still more fabric sheets I hunger after), I could of course not resist this call and as I'm still having a wobbly about the latest quilt I was only too pleased to have an excuse not to think about it for the moment. Having the excuse that I have other art to work on, seems to help my soul to cope! I know at the back of my mind that it's only a diversionary tactic but in the meantime I get a lot done, just not what I should be doing!

The background for this card was a gorgeous piece of velvet fabric (from Cabbage Patch Fabrics) which I layered with wadding (or batting in US speak) and covered with a decorative machine stitch. I love the way this subdues the velvet and at the same time adds to the shine. I then added the various elements (the round image is from Alphastamps) and bordered the card with a transparent brown ribbon and blue stitching to pick up the blue from the image. I added lots of vintage buttons around the image and one very large one in the bottom left corner to echo the circular theme. It's another very romantic card. I can't help it, I'm in love with romance!!


Carol said...

This postcard is very beautiful, I hope you win.

Judy said...

looks like a winner to me :*) :*)

love ya, love your art . . .



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