Thursday, 23 August 2007

Finally another sunny day and a chicken drama

I think this is only the second summy day this summer (if you can actually call it that!). Apparently we have hurricane Dean to thank, but don't ask me how that works!
It was rather tinged with sadness as we had a domestic tragedy. One of our chickens flew over the fence separating the chicken enclosure from our actual garden and although I spotted it in time, I simply was not quick enough to grab Troi, the greyhound, and she got hold of it. She let it go quickly enough after hearing my horrendous screeching but unfortunately it was too late for the chicken.
Needless to say Troi is in deep disgrace and I've been really upset all day, thinking how sad it was that the chicken was no longer able to enjoy such s warm, sunny day. She was duely buried in the garden where all our chickens lie. All the other ones died a natural death though, which is sad but not anything like this.

I tried to cheer myself up by looking at all the beauty around me but my heart was not really in it. Still the budleias are looking and smelling wonderful. Just wish I could somehow give you a bit of the scent via this blog but the technology is not quite up for that yet. It's a mix of honey sweetness and also a purply smell, if that makes sense. Problably not!

The really dark one is called Black Knight which is an oh so romantic name for what is indeed a very romantic flower. Not sure of the name of the pinkish one. The dark one is my favourite and also has the best scent. The bees seem to agree with me. I had to shake them all off before I could take my pictures.

Finally I spotted this yellow/pink colour combination in our courtyard which is formed by evening primrose plants and a pink little rose. Not something I would use much in my work. It's just so sweety, sweety for me but it suddenly grapped my eye and it's actually quite stunning. Maybe I should give it a thought after all!

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Quilt Pixie said...

when they talk about storms elsewhere in the world being the cause of good weather where I am I figure there's only so much bad weather and its all just concentrated somewhere else and get on with enjoying the day :-)

Too bad re the chicken, but you can hardly blame a greyhound for doing that which comes naturally. Thankfully it was no doubt mercifully quick.


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