Friday, 24 August 2007

One more ATC for the Lost Art Creation House Swap

Who was just a bit dopy when making the ATCs for the Lost Art Creation House Swap which I showed you in an earlier post. This was meant to be a 5 for 4 swap and although I made 5 cards, I only send 4 to Terrie and made the 5th one my card 69 for my 100ATC project. Silly me!!
Somehow I had a lightbulb moment about it today and there is still time to send the extra one to Terrie. This one, called A mere Lodger in my own House, uses an image from the LAC Cute Kids II sheet and an artbit from LAC ab0260 like the previous cards. In fact I think this might be my favourite among all the cards I've created for this swap. Sometimes doing something so fast you don't have time to consider your art too much, works really well for me. Mind you, I'm not recommending you to do everything like this, just occasionally it turns out much better than you expected!


Linda said...

Really like the text snippets, there is a resonancce to them. Are they done on the PC and aged???

friedaquilter said...

Hi Linda, I use metallic rub-ons in a variety of colours to make my text tone in with the piece I'm working on. Sometimes I actually use old text from dictionaries or other old books.

Debby Harriettha said...

Frieda this is such a gorgeous atc.
You always amaze me with all your talent.


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