Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Orange Inchies and Day Lilies

Finally a warm, sunny day in Macbiehill and of course within about 10 minutes I was stung by 2 midges and my arm has done another swelling up exercise. Never mind, though, there was so much to admire in the garden and I sat in the sun and finished the edges of my orange inchies. I'm just oversewing these so it's a simple job and I can enjoy the sun and garden while maintaining the thought that I'm doing something useful. The last remnants of my Calvinistic upbringing in The Netherlands, I guess! I've successfully shaken off every other symptom.

I'm hosting a series of different colour inchie swaps on the ATcards site. I've mailed out red and blue already (blue went postal yesterday), and next will be yellow, green and orange. So there was no great urgency yet but as they were half made already I just finished them. The background fabric was mounted on Fast2Fuse and stitched using decorative stitches on my sewing machine. I then added little flower transparencies from a sheet by Altered Pages and beaded around the edges with orange size 11 seed beads. Fused on a background fabric using the Fast2Fuse other side. I love making these little treasures and have developed quite a love for making art on such a small size. It's amazing how much you can put even on this tiny surface.

I also wondered around the garden and saw that my daylilies were finally out. And what a great colour scheme they have. Picked up that orange which was still in my head and added a yellow streak to it! Gorgeous!!

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Judy said...

Frieda, Frieda, Frieda. How I love our quilts! I must say the way the color shows on my screen of this lovely beauty, it reminds me of yummy candy apples . . . sssllluuurrrrpppp . . .


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