Monday, 6 August 2007

Mystery Pages for Gale

I finished my pages in Gale's Mystery album today. I loved the theme and almost as soon as I thought of it, Venice came to mind. To me this is the city of mysteries par excellence. I have used several new techniques in these pages, some of which I will be writing about in an article for a Dutch stamping magazine in due course so I won't reveal it here yet. I will just mention however that I used stamps from the Venetian Collection from Stampington. I also used canvas to print on, as I simply fell utterly in love with Abby's canvas pages. She used digital imagery and then prints this out on canvas and the texture is just gorgeous. I managed to find several different inkjet canvas sheet suppliers here in the U.K. as Abby's suppliers are not shipping to the UK as yet, and am trying them out. The image of the Rialto bridge on page 1 of the spread is printed on canvas. For the background fabric I used a stunning woven one from Cabbage Patch fabrics. On page 1 I used one side of it and on page 2 the other. No saying what the right side is as they are equally amazing.
I added gold PearlEX powder to the Rialto image as well as to other parts of the collage. There is beading around the edges of all the images and cross stitch on the background in various colours. I added a vintage button to page 2, added gold metallic rub-on and then stamped the word Mystery on the button.
I'm really pleased with how the pages look put together into Gale's album. I've painted the edges of her paper gold to tone in with the pages themselves, which are attached with double sided tape onto the pages.

For the first time ever since we started our Round Robin adventure, I really wanted to keep these, but I still have plenty of the background collage left and I will be making more art with this to use to illustrate my article in due course.


Nikki said...

I love the soft colors and layered imagery. You have captured a sense of Mystery.

Anonymous said...

Frieda I don't know how you keep coming up with these incredible pages, but I simply adore this spread. Gorgeous!!!


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