Sunday, 26 August 2007

Selvedge magazine

My latest issue of the Selvedge magazine arrived yesterday. If you haven't seen or read this magazine, you're really missing a treat. It is without doubt the best produced magazine I subscribe to and I will readily admit to being a mag junkie! The first thing I do when it arrives (promise me you won't laugh!) , is open it up and stick my nose right into it and sniff it ( definitely a mag junkie, you might think!). The smell is of new ink, beautiful paper and freshness. I just love this. Naturally that is not all the magazine has to offer. It also features stunning photography of just about the highest quality and even the adverts are excellently presented and laid out. The magazine itself is truely a work of art as are the contents.

It is subtitled: The fabric of your life: textiles in fashion, fine art, interiors, travel and shopping.

Find out more about it on their website: . You can buy separate copies in the Borders bookshop but I highly recommend subscribing. Once you have seen one issue you would not want to miss another one! And I have absolutely no affiliation with it. I've just been a subscriber since issue one and it really is a highlight of my day when it comes. This was issue 19 so you have missed a lot already but backissues are available!

More good news came in the shape of an e-mail from RubberStampMadness Magazine to let me know that my website was featured on their Surf City links. How wonderful. I was recommended to them by Terrie Lightfoot from Lost Art Creations. Thanks so much, Terrie!! They are also kindly sending me a copy of the magazine which will probably mean I will add another magazine to my Must Read mag. list!!


Lynne said...

I love Selvedge too, but when mine arrives I don't smell it, I stroke it! It uses very high quality paper which has a lovely smooth satin feel. The whole production is really classy and I tend to carry it round in my bag just for the look of it!

fiona said...

Me,too. I'm a Selvedge stroker - but I'm an old book sniffer. Oh, and tea leaves. And bread. And scones......

Erin Young said...

Hi Frieda! i have finally found my old blog and re-starting it! At university we were recommended Selvedge as the best textile magazine! our library has all the issues so we don't even need to buy our own! £10 for a magazine is a little much for us poor students but i treated myself to the latest issue. I didn't realise you have blogger so I'll defiantly "follow" you and read your posts! x


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