Monday, 10 September 2007

Journal Quilt 2007 September

It seems like an awfully long time since I last posted which might lead you to believe I haven't done much, but in reality it usually signifies that I'm busily beavering away on a large quilt as there is really not much to show you then!.

But at least I've managed to make my September Journal Quilt for the Contemporary Group of the British Quilters' Guild already so I'm doing well in that respect this month.

September is the month of wine making (although not in Scotland!!) and this is the event I'm celebrating on my JQ. I made the usual fabric/paper collage and discovered there are masses of napkins on the market featuring wine bottles and glasses so that was very handy. I then scanned in the collage and printed it out on transfer paper which was duely transferred on cotton poplin fabric. As September is our 9th month, I made this JQ in the shape of a nine patch quilt. The name actually derives from the number 7 in Latin as this month was the 7th in the Roman calendar before it was changed in the Gregorian system. So it has been the 9th month for quite some time and I stuck with that. Beads were added in abundance and this is quite a jolly looking JQ. I'm celebrating its completion with a glass of wine tonight!

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fiona said...

Cheers! Another beauty - love the warm colours


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