Wednesday, 19 September 2007

More Vintage Nude ATCs (be warned!)

I've really been letting my swaps slip as I'm so busy at the moment with my teaching but last night I finally caught up with the ATCs for this swap. I've hosted a Vintage Nude swap myself some time ago on the ATCard site as I really love this images and it's difficult to find likeminded people to swap with in such a way that tasteful cards are swapped. Blueskysunburn was one of the participants of that swap and as she, like me, loves them she has hosted another one on the same site. Of course I had to play in that one.

Once I got started I really enjoyed it. I used vellum images from the Fine Art Nude sheet from Lost Art Creations and one paper one from another LAC sheet. The background is a fabric paper collage left over from a Valentine swap which seemed to suit the images. I added French text as it has that certain je ne sais quoi that goes with nudes. I embroidered the heart shapes with gold thread and a running stitch.

Of course this meant I could catch up with my 100 ATC project as well and I made ATC no. 72, called Eclatante et Profonde. It uses the same background and again a vellum image from Lost Art Creations Fine Art Nudes. Once again I went for a French text. This one translates as: this hair so bright and full.

I though I had finished my cover for the Romance and Roses album (see previous post) but I think I want to add one more item to it so I will show you that in the next post, once I am completely happy with it.


Carolyn said...

Hi Frieda !
I have many tasefull nude images and was afraid of putting work on my blog incase i offend any reader , as it is like you said , difficult to find people who want to delve into that subject or even see it . The naked human form is a an inspiration , and has been for many an artist . So i will not be afraid to have a go at doing some myself now !

Angie Hall Haviland said...

I came to get a peek at your TipTop Journal cover (guess I'll go look on the site now)...but did get to see all the BEAUTIFUL ATCs you've been working on....WOW!!! Love the vivid colors!


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