Saturday, 15 September 2007

Start date of the TipTopJournals

Today is the start date of a new project, TipTopJournals. Together with 9 other artists (see the list of names + links at the right) we will be making art spreads for each other, matching up with a different artist every month. I had been hoping to show you the front page for my own album which has the theme: Romance and Roses, but helas, I fell victim to an awful migraine yesterday and it had to be postponed. Have started work on it today and as soon as it's finished I will show it here.
I've paired up with Peggy for this month. Her theme is A Song to Remember and I think I have more or less decided which song I'm going to illustrate in my first spread. It was quite difficult as there are so many songs I love.

I so enjoyed my first Round Robin project (ArtisticJourneyinColor), which in fact inspired me to start this blog back in December last year and although that one is not quite finished yet (I still have to work on Lisa's Crown album, which is here at the moment) Debby and I got our heads together and came up with this one. The albums will stay at home with each artist and only the spreads we make will be mailed out so at least we won't have to worry about Atlantic travel when things come and go in my direction. Everyone else is either in the US or Canada.

I'll label all relevant posts for this project with the TipTopJournals label so they will be easy to find!


Carolyn said...

Hi , i just found your blog through doing a random search .. and i had to comment . All your work is truely wondefull ! Very inspiring to me , as i started doing atc cards , then moved on , but now i`ll have to have another go at them ! And when i have more time . look at all your posts !

thanks ,

friedaquilter said...

Thanks, Carolyn, I really appreciate your lovely comments and have fun catching up with those ATCs!


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