Thursday, 13 September 2007

Teaching the Fabric ATC class with the Alva Divas

I spend the day with the delightful Alva Divas (love the name) to teach the fabric ATC class. We had a lot of fun and also managed to make a lot of ATCs. I'm showing you an overview of the cards that were produced. Once again it was an astonishing mix of different styles and subjects.

We also completed a swap at the end of the day and I received Morven's Goose Chase. If the title confuses you, you're definitely not a quilter as the pattern shown with the triangles is known widely in the quilting world as Flying Geese! A very good end to a day which started with a flat tire on my car which John spotted just in time and we transferred everything to his car as fortunately he did not have to work today. Pheeuw!!


irene said...

What a wonderful day at Alva. I made 4 ATCs and am just raring to have another session. Freida told us so much about ATCs I feel I've just entered another new phase in my quilting journey. I'll keep you posted! Irene

friedaquilter said...

Thanks, Irene. So pleased you seem to have been infected with the ATC bug and looking forward to seeing more of them!


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