Tuesday, 30 October 2007

2007 Artcard Idea Pack and Inchies

My 2007 Artcard Idea Deck arrived safely yesterday. Actually I ordered 2, one to keep safe and another one to use as inspiration. In an ideal world I would be making a card every week based on the ideas provided on the back of every card but I haven't even finished my 100 ATCs yet so will not commit myself to another project as this would just induce guilt feelings if I don't get it done. But I do really like the nifty little cards and my card looks gorgeous and I'm pleased Alphastamps gets mentioned on the front of it.

You can order your own copy here!

I've also made 6 inchies for a PIF (= Play It Forward) swap on the ATcard site. In fact I made 12, 6 with a Heart theme for Carol (our hostess), that I forgot to scan before mailing them off, and another 6 for Robin with a Heart theme. You will recognize these have the same background as the card for Artcard Ideas and I added different coloured heart buttons to the centre of each inchie and overstitched the edges with thread matching the heart colours. Hope Robin will like them. In exchange I'm expecting flower inchies from Jonquil in Australia and Vintage Inchies from Carol. Something to look forward in the post!


Barbara said...

what a cool idea with the cards! Perhaps I will do the same !

Fifiquilter said...

Congratulations on winning the Turquoise Swap!


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