Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Alphastamps (and copper and teal ATCs)

I had some really wonderful news today. I'm going to be an official member of the Alphastamps Design Team. I'm really looking forward to it as I love the Alphastamps fabric sheets. There is just so much choice with a variety of images, which means everyone's tastes are catered for. As for me, don't ask me for my favourite, I love them all. In fact I have yet to find anything on the Alphastamps site that I don't like! Making a selection is what will be a problem for me!

To celebrate I'm showing you first of all an ATC made using an Alphastamps image. This one is from one of the Shakespearean sheets and the ATC is actually for a Copper And Teal Colour Combination Swap on the MailartbyDesign Yahoo group. I've added a copper face pebble to her face. These pebbles are a new thing (at least, in colour) and I do like the effect. I won't be using it a lot as it's something that easily can become too much, but for this swap I seemed to suit.

Here are the 4 cards for the swap (including the nun). The background is a lovely damask blue fabric from Cabbage Patch Fabrics which I free-machined using a metallic multi-coloured thread. Apart from the nun, the images on the other cards are paper and are from a CD by Enchanted Mercantile which I bought on Ebay. I surrounded the images with copper metal mesh (from Texere Yarns) to make it look as if they were imprisoned. The text for all the cards comes from one of my vintage Gothic novels. It's the Forest Lovers book which I have used many times before. Published in the late 1800's and reprinted about 4 times in 4 years so it must have been a popular tome. Quite racy too, for its day!

As is my habit now, I made a card for my 100 ATC project and those among you who are really observant, I've missed out no. 73 and 74 which are made but which I haven't uploaded yet. Look out for them in the near future. This one is no. 75 and is called You're not safe here. The image is also from Enchanted Mercantile as above but a bit more daring. However the copper mesh obscures most of the view! All the cards were finished by mounting them on watercolour paper and machine stitching around the edges. I used a copper metallic thread to do this and it gave me so much problems that I was tempted to dump it in the bin. But you never know when I might need just this thread so it has been stored but I will remember how temperamental it was!! It took forever to do the edges with the thread breaking at least once on every side of every card!!

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