Saturday, 6 October 2007

CC November ATC Swaps

Wow, it's been a really busy week and I've just returned from giving a talk and then the ATC workshop in Dumfries. As John was working nights I returned home in between so that the dogs would not be left by themselves!! I also sleep better in my own bed too but I'm definitely feeling the effects now. So I did not actually make all this art today. It was simply in the pipeline already and now it's their turn to be uploaded to the blog.
I met several of my blog readers in person in Dumfries who told me how much they look forward to reading new stuff here so I shall have to get my skates on and fulfill all that appetite for new art on a daily basis. Not sure I can manage that, but I will try and do my best!
Strangely enough I made these ATCs for swaps on the CC Yahoo Group in reverse order, starting with November. Don't ask me why, I think I simply came across the November collage first. I made this collage for the November JQ and there was enough left over to make these. All the transparent images used on these cards are from Bmuse.
At the same time (actually the 25th September!) I made ATC no. 73 of 100: Bygone Centuries, again using a Bmuse image.
I'll show you the October CC ATCs very soon!

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Anonymous said...

Oh Frieda, these are just so beautiful. I think that you must live in another dimension where there are more hours in the day. Or maybe time is more elastic in the beautiful Borders than in gloomy Aberdeen?


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