Sunday, 7 October 2007

CC October ATCs

And today as promised it's the time for the October ATCs. I have to admit here that I'm not that keen personally on Halloween and don't like the associations with pumpkins or witches (very sexist in my opinion!) but on the other hand I'll do ghostly and macaber every day of the year, not just Halloween. I'm also very partial to skeletons and ghoulish apparitions. So October is ghost month as far as I'm concerned.
You will see this reflected in due course when I upload my Journal Quilt for this month but I already used part of the collage I made for that. I've put it into these ATCs and there is still a fair bit left over so that I can indulgence my ghoulish taste in the future. It's actually not that easy to feed my taste for the undead but there are a few suppliers who seem to share my taste in this direction, one of which is Bmuse. All the skeletons on these cards are from a transparency, produced by them. I made 5 for the CC Swap and of course could not resist making one for my 100 ATC project. This is no. 74 (and was actually finished on the 27th September) and is entitled: Some Old Lover's Ghost. I can tell you I'm over the moon with the quotations I found for these cards. All from old books of quotations and found by simply looking in the index under Ghost. The French text on the left hand card above really translates simply as the Everything passes quote on the card next to it. Sounds so much better in French. But then so does almost anything! The French card also features soldiers dating back to the French Revolutionary times from a much treasured (by me!) vintage book.
As for the text and card above, Some lover indeed!! Notice in the background you can see spikes in the top of his head, which come from a napkin I discovered online. I do really wonder if anyone would sit down to dine with skeletons and ghosts peering at them from their napkins but they've been produced so there must be demand!! At least it means that it's not just me who is just the tiniest bit peculiar!!


Judy K said...

I really like you ghoulish ATCs!
I love transparencies and ghosts are perfect for them!


Kate H said...

I just love the skeletons. Since I saw you on Sat in Dumfries I've spent ages on-line looking up the links - and yes I have made a few more ATCs. By the way husband loved the cards, his fav was the last one, comedy card. I had a feeling it would be. Kate.

Anonymous said...

Suitably creepy! Just where do you manage to find these wonderful napkins?
Congratulations on your Alphastamp success!

friedaquilter said...

Thanks everyone, for the lovely comments. So pleased your husband likes the ATCS, Kate, but not at all surprised! They were gorgeous. And Fiona, I get my napkins everywhere. Garden centres are great but Ebay has them too (that's where I got the ghosts). I'll even smuggle them into my handbag at restaurants and use John's one or force him to get out his hankie if the napkins are a real must have!!

Anonymous said...

Frieda these are great. More incredible work, from an incredible lady.


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