Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Exhibition to visit and a 4 x 4

Back to my own art now but it is gratifying to see all the comments on my post re The Gentle Art of Domesticity book and don't forget there is more to read on Jane Brocket's (the author) own blog.

I spend yesterday visiting Pat Archibald's exhibition in the Dundas Gallery, 6 Dundas Street, Edinburgh and enjoyed it thoroughly. There were beautiful quilts to see with Pat's immaculate workmanship. They were colourful but also very peaceful, almost Zen like. So they provided a great constrast with the paintings from her fellow artist which showed Hong Kong just as I remember it. Full of life, light, cars and people. It's still on till the 21st October!

I also managed to produce a 4 x 4 for the Mingle on the MailArtbyDesign Yahoo group. I had to miss the last 2 months as work was simply growing into a pile way above my head but at the moment my To Do list has a more manageable size so away I went and played. The theme for this month's Mingle was Fashion and I used a handbag as my theme.

I used a really dark, sumptious purple fabric as my base which I had heavily machine quilted. I added a bit from a fabric/paper collage that was left over from Peggy's Song pages (see an earlier post) which conveniently featured an handbag to which I added some gold foiling. This was machine appliqued onto the background using a zigzag stitch. I then beaded along the edges. The rather racy looking lady is from a transparency by B-muse and the words Vouloir (= to desire or want) are from Altered Pages. This one is going in the mail shortly to Linda E and I can't wait what her 4 x 4 will look like as I'm getting that one in return.

I'm still waiting for loads of stuff which is part of our postal backlog here in the U.K. of more than 20 million parcels (not all for me, I hasten to add!!) and it's so frustrating. Among them are several Ebay buys, books and most of all my Alphastamps pack! Not sure if the mail dispute is now officially over. I think they are still mulling it over but I'm keeping everything crossed!


Helen in the UK said...

Love your 4x4. The dark colours make it look quite decadent :)

Barbara said...

Your 4x4 is beautiful! Love the colours too!

enjoy said...

Great done!!!

Linda said...

I love the idea of these 4 x 4's but wouldn't know where to begin!

If you are interested I have tagged you - details on the blog!


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