Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Vintageimagemadness Calendar

I made a little 4 x 4 collage for Casie's Vintageimagemadness Calendar Project for next year. I used images downloaded from her site. Both images are from the Postcard section. I just fell in love with that cat the minute I laid eyes on him. As you can see, he's smoking a pipe and that made me think of smoke and smelling things and it did not take long to come up with the title Smelling of Roses .
Very conveniently (as this was a rush job!) I had a fabric/paper collage on the theme of Roses at the ready and I combined the cat image with another one featuring roses. Another firm favourite as soon as I saw it.

I printed the images in the size I wanted them onto a self-adhesive cotton sheet from Crafty Computer Paper.

This one went together like a dream. Sometimes having limited time seems to make my art better (not always though!!). Less time to think and more to just go with my gut instinct.

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