Thursday, 8 November 2007

An Article about my ATCs and Artchix Faux Postage

It's always lovely to have an article written about your work and I'm particularly pleased with the article about my ATCs in the latest issue of Popular Patchwork, the Christmas 2007 one. It has been written by Jane Rae who came to my fabric ATC class at the Loch Lomond Quilt Show. I had a great time teaching that class and by the sounds of it my students also enjoyed themselves. She was kind enough to mention ArtchixStudio in the article as well as most of the images on the ATCs pictured in the magazine come from them. You can have a peek at the article above
Artchix provided me with even more pleasure today as the Precious Pet Faux Postage Sheets arrived on which my very own darling Troi figures as the very first one on the top row left. The actual ATC can be seen above. And what a lovely beauty she looks. As you can see, she thinks so too herself! Her "brother" Rueben and Brush, the cat, seem less impressed!

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Lenna Andrews said...

Congratulations, Frieda! Always so fun to have an article, and especially so in this case. I love the photo you snapped of Troi seeing herself "published" on the faux postage sheet, just precious. Rueben & Brush seem to be saying, "Hmmm! When is it MY turn for the limelight?!" : ))
I was thinking of you this morning while walking with the dogs in the brisk air and picking up beautiful colored leaves . . . .
again, congratulations! : ))


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