Tuesday, 27 November 2007

PaperWhimsy Quiltie Competition Winner

We've come to the end of the Paperwhimsy Quiltie Competion and I spend a lot of time selecting the ultimate winner. I made a checklist for myself, featuring such things as Design, Colour, Use of Paperwhimsy Images, Embellishments, Stitching and gave each quiltie marks for these elements.
I also spend time just looking at each individual quiltie, trying to describe to myself what I really liked about it. You can see all the quilties entered on the Paperwhimsyquilties blog.

It was a very hard decision as the quilties were all little gems in their own right but yet, the actual winner really stood out in many respects.
With her permission, here is the winning quiltie made by Linda Eustace.
This was a mingle for these participants who wanted to do that and darling Linda actually send her winning quiltie to me and seeing it in real life merely confirmed that it was such a worthy winner as you can see above. I just love the mix of different fabrics she has used, the echoing arch shape, the diagonal design line going from bottom left to top right, the heavy stitching and use of suitable embellishment.
Congratulations again, Linda, and many thanks for your quiltie which will go into my little art gallery in my studio!

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Debby Harriettha said...

Lucky you!!!! Linda's quiltie is amazing..


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