Thursday, 20 December 2007

Collages for the 10th International Collage Exchange

Here are more collages that's I've made for the 10th International Collage Exchange. In total every artist makes 13. One to sell, one going to a permanent museum collection (in this case Amarillo Museum of Art) and 11 to swap. You've so far seen 5 and now here are another 3.
This one is called Marquerite after the name mentioned in the French text. It has a more reduced colour scheme but uses vintage French text, a vintage map of Paris fragment and 3 copies of a painting. There is a broken heart on the bottom right. Again all the paints used are Golden fluid acrylics and this one has also got gold foiling, mainly on the doily you can just spot at top left.

The next one is called Memoire du Monde. The vintage image is from one of my own postcards and features the actress Mary Odette, who has actually signed the card. Needless to say I've used a copy! Again there is vintage text and that Paris map fragment . I've added soft molding paste (from Golden) pressed through sequin waste in the shape of heart, painted this and then added gold foiling.
This is, I think, my favourite collage, called Memoires de Femmes. The thrice repeated Image is from one of my vintage postcards again and the other one is from Blueberry Designs, a decoupage image, which I bought on Ebay. There is a doily at the top and some cheesecloth (turban cotton in UK speak) to add texture to the collage. The foiling on this one is in silver and the collage is also mounted on silver cardstock.

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iHanna said...

All of these are very beautiful! Thanks for sharing that link, I wish I could do this too!


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