Wednesday, 19 December 2007

More collage and Rueben's 3rd Anniversary

Today it's exactly 3 years ago since our darling Rueben came to stay with us. I saw him first on the Greyhound Awareness website and just felt in my heart that he was MY dog. No idea why, as the photo on the website definitely didn't do him any justice and also, as you can see, he is not exactly a greyhound! Nevertheless, I immediately phoned to let them know he had to come to us and the minute he jumped out of the car which brought him, I fell in love, totally and completely. Since then, I've only loved him more every minute of every day and now I simply can't imagive life without him. He is a highly intelligent dog who you only have to tell things once too and he'll remember them. He is amazingly well behaved and has never set a foot wrong since he came. He is my constant companion in my studio and only deserts me when daddy John is doing things outside and this can't be achieved without his little helper Rueben.

We had an extra celebration today but really for Rueben every day seems to be one big feast!!
Now for more collages for the collage exchange. By the way this is what will happen with one of my collages:
"The collages will be welcomed in Amarillo, Texas by the AMoA Art Stampede - chuckwagon steak dinner and beer, levis and boots, live country music and a "celebrity" to shoot the starter pistol and kick off the stampede.The tentative date for the stampede is June 20th, 2008Proceeds will benefit the Amarillo Museum of Art youth education programs."
Sound exciting. Pity I won't be there to see and taste it all!
This one is called Elegance is an Attitude and figures a map of Truelove country (a vintage postcard in my possession), french text and the couple in the trees (also from one of my vintage postcards). The gentleman made me think of Napoleon for some reason. Well, her dress is definitely empire style so that might be why.
This next one is called Inspired by Nature and features two copies of adverts I've taken from the French magazine Femina, April 1908, also in my own possession. This is a very girly looking collage as I've used pastel colours too and the addition of 3 vintage buttons seemed only natural
The final collage for today is Love is For Ever. On this one you can see the raised areas I created by pushing light molding paste (from Golden) through sequin waste in the shape of hearts. I've also foiled on top with gold. You will recognize the picture of my grandfather from yesterday and the lovely looking lady is from one of my favourite vintage postcards.


Debby said...

Happy Anniversary to Rueben! You r new art is beautiful Frieda!

Colorfuldayz said...

Happy Anniversary to you and Rueben. He is adorable!! Can't imagine not having a dog in my life~


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