Monday, 31 December 2007

More collages

The very last day of 2007 and I want to show you some more of the collages I've made for the 10th International Collage Exchange as they will have to be posted of to New Zealand as soon as possible in the New Year. This is a new venture for me and it means I have fulfilled my one and only New Year's Resolution. It helps to get this out of the way before the New Year has actually begun!!

The first one is called The Art of Self-Expression. Like the other collages I've used Golden Fluid Acrylics as the paint mixed with a variety of mediums. The pictures in this collage are copies from my own vintage postcards, copies of an antique map of Paris and vintage text. I've also added a doily for additional interest and texture as well as a collection of stencilled hearts in red. In all the collages I try and tell a story which is only present in my head. I like the viewers to come up with their own stories based on the imagery I've provided.

Although it's hard to read the title as it's partically covered, it reads as: What are You made of? It features a copy of the same vintage postcard image which I've used in quite a few of the collages as well as original images of the male nude statues. I was reluctant to use them but they had aged beautifully in the book in which I found them and I wanted to keep that. The texture in this one is provided by pushing light molding paste through stencils of sequin waste as well as that of a sunflower. Finally quite a lot of gold foiling has been added. Rather than a man looking at naked women I've reversed the situation (and about time too!!)

The last one is called You give me your heart, as mentioned in the vintage poem at the top. You will recognize the same vintage postcard image again, this time on a very large scale. It really is one of my favourites as she looks so wishful. I've added the colour to the flowers in her hair. The collage also has another doily, vintage music and text and like all my other collages has been stitched onto a cardstock background. I've tried to match the colour of these to the collages as best as I can. I have however discovered that I like the dark background best and am sorry I did not use this on all the collages.

Another exemple of living and learning which I hope to continue in 2008!!


Jo Anne Owens said...

Hi Frieda! I absolutely love "Give me Your Heart"! It is lovely as are all of your collages! Thank you for sharing them with us!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful way to start the New Year! Colourful, thought-provoking and creative - thank you, Frieda. And a very happy new year, of course!


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