Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Vintage Image Madness calendar

What better subject to start the New Year with than calendars. And here is an honest admission for you. I'm sort of obsessed with calendars. Every year more of them invade the house and at the start of every month it takes ages to bring all of the calendars up to date. I've got an eclectic taste and there are calendars of chickens, Linda Nelson homesteads, Haunted Houses, William Blake, Doors and Portals and Art Deco this year. There is also one on Collage Art (from AmberLotus), a Paperwhimsy calendar (June is done by me) and the Arte ed Anima (also collage) calendar. Then there is my very own calendar (very limited edition of 3!!) featuring my 2007 Journal Quilts.
And there is also the Vintage Image Madness calendar. I was so afraid my copies might have been lost in the post but finally, they did arrive safely! Once again I made the June page for this one (more about it can be seen on an earlier post!). They are still available and you can order a copy here.

I'm also planning a visit to the Borders Bookshop in the very near future as after the New Year their calendars go on sale and I feel the strong urge to add even more to my collection. I love hanging things on the wall that change every month, so much more fun that a static image. It seems a relatively harmless obsession so I just go with the flow and have accepted it as part of my collecting nature (or less flattering my magpie tendencies!)


Anonymous said...

I actually *just* got one of these from my art pal (Doreen Cosenza). What a happy surprise to also see both you and Lenna in there! Congrats!

Sarah Whitmire

Debby said...

Frieda this calendar is wonderful.
Love it.


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