Saturday, 26 January 2008

Lost Art Creations Moo Cards

Don't know what Moo cards are??? You're not alone, as I did not have a clue either. But apparently this is the latest craze to sweep the art and craft world. They are sized 1.1/8" wide by 2.3/4" high and there are even companies who will make Moo cards for you from your own pictures. They are used as business cards and apparently originated on the Continent. I did not want to be left behind so Moo cards it was going to be.
Needless to say mine are hand made and are for a swap organized by Lost Art Creations. We needed to use one LAC image and one extra art bit. All my images are LAC ones printed on vellum from a variety of their collage sheets. So no wet glue (it has a disastrous effect on vellum) but sewing is an excellent way to attach vellum. The extra art bit in my case is the text which comes from one of Lost Art Creations vintage paper packs. My pack included 2 pages from Wuthering Heights and I set myself the challenge of only using text from these pages for all my Moo cards (10 in total, 8 for the swap and 2 for me to keep to commemorate my first Moo cards). It was quite a job but I managed it!

On the top of most of the cards I sewed transparency sun images from the Lost Art Creations Flower Power II sheet, which gave the cards a lovely shiny finish and added another interesting layer to look through. You can see it clearly on the Moo card above. I wonder if these Moo cards are going to be as popular as ATCs and inchies. We'll wait and see!


Anonymous said...

Aha - thank you for the explanation about Moo cards - Ive heard of them but hadn't really worked out what they were for. And thanks too for the tips on attaching vellum! I love these. Much better to make your own than have them printed! What do you put on the back?

Lenna Andrews said...

I have never seen or heard of handmade ones, frieda - only the kind you can order up from your photos and use as business cards. HANDMADE is a wonderful idea!

Debby said...

WOW!!! Incredible moo cards. You amaze me everyday my friend.

Shannon Sawyer said...


Love your new Moo cards that you made for Lost Art Creations swap. They are some of my favorites of your work thus far. I noticed that you use pretty much the same technique with your ATCs, Moo cards, etc. Have you ever explained on your site exactly the process you go through? I'd really be interested in learning your technique. Although no one could ever duplicate what you do. You have that artist thing that I so desperately want. I have always wanted a style that is immediately recognizable, Where someone looking at a piece of mine could tell I had made it before ever seeing my name. That is what you have and I personally think that is when you become a star amoung us mixed media artist's. I just love the Moo Cards, they really are awesome! You always inspire me.

chimerastone said...

I admit I'm lost when people say Moo cards as only know the Moo mini cards. Since I'm going to be taking part in swap, seeing them on your blog helps me understand them better.


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