Saturday, 26 January 2008

Black/Gold ATCs for ColourGroupies (contains some nudity!!)

All the black and gold cards I've made for our January exchange of the Colour Groupies ( a very select group of 5 artists) have now arrived at their various destinations which means I can reveal them here too. All images on these cards are from Alphastamps!

The Poor Folk one was for Caryl (image from the Roman goddesses transparency) The one on the right, Women's Tragedies was for Tristan and the image is from Nudes #1
This one is for Lenna. The image is from Alphastamps Beauty Queens sheet and the transparency from the AS Tracy Roos Tintypes sheet. The tranparency word is from Artchix.
And finally Debby's one which uses a transparency, again from the Tracy Roos Tintypes. Although I did not realize it while making the ATC and it can't be seen on the scan, once it was in position, the little girls' dress looks a shimmering red when you move the card in the light. I really like this additional effect! The white text on all the cards apart from Lenna's is from Alphastamps Clowns Valentine sheet.

Next month we will be doing ATCs in Hot Pink and Orange. I can barely wait but it will be February soon now!


spiralsun65 said...

I love this colour scheme; really classy. Gorgeous work as always.

Lenna Andrews said...

they look so lovely shown altogether!

Debby said...

Oh yes the gorgeous black and gold in all their glory..They look awesome.


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