Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Vintage Ladies Swap

I'm hosting this swap myself on The Mailartist site and the due date is the 31st of this month. The cards themselves have been laying around my studio for weeks now while waiting for the text to be added and the edges to be finished. Today was their day and they were the first things I got on with this morning. We had another load of snow yesterday which has now frozen so there was no incentive to go anywhere as the lane had not been gritted yet. Sadly that meant no mail either!

Back to the ladies. Only theme was that they had to be vintage. I used remnants of old paper/fabric collages for all three. This first one was left over from the June Journal Quilt 2007. I was made using a blue/white paper napkin of which I only had one (received in a napkin swap). It was a wonderful napkin so I hoarded every last bit of the collage. The fabric image is from Alphastamps Shakespeare #1 sheet and I left the fabric on the paper sheet so I could glue it onto my background. As she looked so thoughful, the text: I've been a wicked girl, seemed appropriate!

The other two ladies are mounted on two different collaged backgrounds but as they are both pink I've lumped them together here. The transparencies, which I sewed on, are from Alphastamps Tinted Beauties sheet. The text for the left hand one reads: The Lady of My Delight; and the right hand one: It gives a lovely light, inspired by the vintage table lamp in the background.

Another item can be crossed off the list, on to the next one!

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