Sunday, 17 February 2008

Pink and Orange ATCs have landed

The 4 ATCs I made for my fellow participants in the Colour Groupies group have all safely arrived at their destinations in the U.S. and Canada which means I can now reveal them here.

But first of all I just had to nip outside for a minute and take this photograph. It's stunningly cold but I had to capture it for posterity. What a beautiful planet we live on! Can you believe the colour of the sky? And it tones in so well with the orange bit of our colour combination this month. Hot pink was the other ingredient. Very suitable for Valentine month.

All the images I've used are from Bmuse and are printed on fabrik-paper which is still paper but which can be stitched and used as fabric. I've coloured in the images with colouring pencils. The background is my hearts fabric/paper collage specially made for this love month! I did some hand stitching on the cards. I also added an orange vellum flower (also from Bmuse) to every card as well as a self-adhesive sparkling heart (from Paperchase).

I can't tell you how much I enjoy these colour swaps every month. My fellow players are all so wonderful and this will probably be my favourite swap in 2008. I hope we can keep going after that too!


Anonymous said...

Love the colours and composition in these. I'm a recent convert to printing photographs on fabric and am now totally addicted!

Viola said...

They look so gorgeous! Wonderful ATCs!!

gaby said...

Wonderful work you have here!

Donna said...

Wow stunning colours these look great. Must see if I can find some fabrik paper sounds interesting stuff.

Rosie said...

These are gorgeous Frieda! Actually, they're scrumptious and they cry out to be touched! I just love all your creations, but that gothic arch is beautiful.Great combinations of stamped images and collage. *sighs contentedly* :)

Debby said...

They sure have and once again incredibly gorgeous!


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