Friday, 22 February 2008

Published in ArtSpecially

Today I was surprised by the arrival of the latest issue (no. 3) of the Art Specially for You magazine. This is a Dutch publication (although you would not guess this from the title!!), dedicated to all things to do with stamping and related arts. I'd written a small introduction about myself and my fabric art for them and it really looks gorgeous. The text, needless to say, is in Dutch which is my mother tongue although I haven't spoken it regularly for years now and writing in it presented quite a challenge. All those dictations in primary school proved to have been totally in vain!

The quality of the pictures is really good and I'm providing you with a taster of my pages above.
It looks way better in the actual magazine, in which I have to say all the illustrations are of superb quality. The editor insisted on photographing the art in house and I can now clearly see what a difference this makes to how the pictures look. You can buy the magazine here.
Hope it won't all be Double Dutch to most of you!!


Helen Cowans said...

Congratulations! The spread looks fantastic :)

Lenna Andrews said...

Congratulations, Frieda! The magazine page looks gorgeous. How lovely for you to get written up in a Dutch publication. I think I spy one of your Blue Quilties from a past swap of mine bottom right?? : ^ ) xo lenna

Sarah Whitmire said...

WOW another publication! Congrats Frieda you deserve it!



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