Saturday, 23 February 2008

Windows on the World

Today was the Spring Quilt Fair in Ingliston and my little (24 x 24") quilt Windows on the World had its first outing in public so I can also show it here on my blog. It's going to the Quilt Championships in Sandown in June and will travel around after that. Those of you who are reading this blog regularly will notice that it has quite a resemblance to my Journal Quilt 2007 for Houston. I loved making that and wanted to do it again on a slighlty larger scale.

The background is a gorgeous indigo dyed piece of fabric from Africa (bought from the African Fabric Shop) and I like it even more than the brown background I used for the JQ. I layered this up with wadding (batting) and quilted it with a decorative stitch on my machine. I also put on the binding before I added the inchies (which are all left-overs from past paper/fabric collages) by straight stitching and I then came to my favourite part, putting on the beads.

I have been quite a good girl at the show as I did buy things that I actually needed such as gold thread, a backing fabric, a lovely selection of buttons but managed to contain the fabric buying! A good thing too because wherever you go in this house, fabric winks at you. My studio is overflowing with it so it has started to accumulate elsewhere too!!


Barbara said... your quilt...congratulations....ohh. I must look again to this quilt..bye....

Anonymous said...

Fabric winks at you? Wow, you're lucky. It grabs me by the lapels and says in a sinister voice, 'Buy me right now, or else...' If it just winked at me I could walk past it. But threats? No chance. I have to buy it. I have to. I love that inchies quilt, by the way.

Judy Scott said...

Hi Freida, so happy to say I saw your quilt at the show today in Edinburgh ~ its really really gorgeous. Off to explore the rest of your blog now, Judy now x

Debby said...

Frieda this is so beautiful. I love your windows of the world. You amaze me.


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