Thursday, 20 March 2008

Alphastamps Circus ATC Swap

I finally got around to finishing the Circus ATCs for the Alphastamps swap of the same name. I started them at the same time as my Circus collage (see earlier post) but other more urgent things got in the way. The swap is not due till May so I could have left it even longer but I was getting worried that I might forget all about how I wanted to finish them if I did not proceed immediately. So here they are. The background is a fabric/paper collage, the same one as used for the Circus collage. I added transparencies from Alphastamps Clown Sheets #4 and 6 as well as appropriate texts from one of my vintage books and other embellishments, most of them from self-adhesive sheets from Paperchase. The edges were finished by layering up the cards with watercolour ATCs and zigzag stitching around all the edges. I then beaded with size 11 seed beads in yellow, orange, turquoise and green, picking up the colours from the collage.
Finally I also made an ATC for me to keep as part of my 100 ATC project. This one is no. 83 and is called Whistling more merrily. The transparency is from Alphastamps Clown #6 sheet and I just love it. There is only the text as further embellishment as there is so much going on on this surface already and I did not want to distract attention from the lovely transparency!

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Debby said...

How fun and wonderful are these!!! I think they are fabulous.


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