Saturday, 8 March 2008

Love Hurts published in Craft Stamper magazine

I went to Peebles today for the yearly second hand book sale. This is an event I try not to miss although there have been years when I was teaching on the Saturday. Fortunately it lasts till Sunday and although I am tempted to go back the next day (I did last year!) I think I have indulged enough today. I also overlooked the fact that the books needed to be transported (by me!!) to the carpark. I did get a lovely selection of books published in the 19th Century which will turn up in my collages in the future!
On the way in, I stopped off at a newsagent and found the latest issue of the Craft Stamper magazine was out and even better, they had published a picture of my Love Hurts ATC. This is the only British magazine which actually runs an ATC swap where they set the theme every 2 months, you send in the ATC (which needless to say has to figure stamping in some form or other!) and a stamped addressed envelope and you receive someone else's ATC in that envelope and of course the chance that they will publish your ATC in the magazine. Here it is in the magazine!
All stamps and images are from Alphastamps. You can read about how I made it on an earlier post here!


Rosie said...

I only got mine on Saturday and I hadn't noticed... shame on me!
Woohoo - congrats, Frieda!

Debby said...

Congrats Frieda!
This is great.

ScaryCheri said...

Congrats Frieda. It's a fabulous card. Hugz, Scary


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