Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Alphastamps Pendants and Necklace

My Alphastamps goodie package arrived yesterday and it was full of the most delicious items! To my intense pleasure these included some wonderful pendants and even better, there was quite a selection in a copper colour. The reason I was so pleased about this was that I knew I had an as yet unfinished necklace in my jewellery workbox and these pendants seemed to be made for it and I was convinced they would prove a gorgeous finishing touch and so it turned out after a hard days' work today.

The necklace is made from copper chain, copper wire and also green wire, which you should be able to find in any bead shop. The green wire can also be found in flower shops (I bought mine in a garden centre in The Netherlands, the last time I visited my mother). If you are not familiar with turning loops etc. I recommend you buy a basic jewellery book for instructions or a copy of a magazine such as Beads and Buttons where these basics are explained very well. You will also need copper jump-rings, and copper head pins (alternatively you can use wire for all the separate dangles, head pins are more convenient and quicker). Choose your preferred beads (I used a selection of copper, green, gold, cream and wooden beads) and make the separate dangles and attached them to the copper chain. I made my chain quite long but that's a matter of personal taste.
For the pendants I used one large square, 2 very small square and 1 small circular pendant (all from Alphastamps). To fill them I selected left-over bits from one of my green fabric/paper collages and choose paper images (from Alphastamps Round Pendant collage sheet) which I cut to size and glued onto the background. For the large square pendant I also glued on the word Proud. For all the pendants apart from the small circular one, I then added beads around the outside edges by stitching. Once this is finished use Diamond Glaze in the bottom of the pendants and also cover the top with Diamond Glaze (following the manufacturers' instructions) and let dry. Once they are totally dry to the touch attach the tiny circular pendant to the large square one by attaching jump rings to them both (2 on the large square, one on either side), select the beads you want to use and attach them all to each other and to the necklace as can be seen in the above picture.

Also attach jump rings to the small squares and again using your choice of beads attach them to the finished necklace.
Wear with pride!!


Maureen said...

A beautiful necklace - maureen x

Lynne said...

It's lovely, Frieda. You manage to produce such a variety of pieces.

Debby said...

WOW!!I adore this..


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