Monday, 31 March 2008

10th International Collage Exhibition and Exchange

The 10th International Collage Exhibition and Exchange is now open. This is an event where all participating artists (159 this year) make 10 collages in any media and send them to Dale Copeland. One of them is going to be for sale, another one is going to the permanent collection of a gallery or museum (a different one each year) and the rest are swapped and I really can't wait to see what will come back but that's still some time away. But the exhibition can be visited in person in New Plymouth, New Zealand but if you can't get there (!!) you can see all the collages in this exhibition on the website of Dale Copeland, the organizer. She selected ny Inspired by Nature (see above) for the exhibition. It's in Room 1

There is also a selling exhibition and it was up to the individual artists which of their submitted collages would be up for sale and I choose An Enduring Love Affair for mine. You can buy it for $70 here. And this is one is also in Room 1, this time of the selling exhibition.

If you are interested in reading how I made it, you can find out all about it on an earlier blog.

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