Sunday, 20 April 2008

Has Spring finally Sprung?

It seems to be heading in the right direction anyway. We haven't had snow for over a week now although the night frost is still with us and the easterly wind makes it feel quite cold. But the plants and birds seem to think spring is definitely on its way. We've discovered 5 nests in the trees in our garden and I'm sure there are more than that. They are so well hidden and almost impossible to see.

Here is one belonging to a blackbird. Isn't the blue glorious?

And the primroses have also decided to pop their heads above the parapet, or the ground in their case! And I love the colour combination of that lemon yellow of the primroses with the soft blue of the eggs. Must make a note of it for the Colour Groupies ATC swap which I hope we will continue with next year. They are my favourite people and swappers!


Tessa Tegendraads said...

oooohw echt prachtig die foto van die eitjes.... wow!!!!! Echt helemaal lente he?


Lenna Andrews said...

Your spring photos are wonderful Frieda . . . here in CT little tiny leaves are bursting out and the forsythia is blooming! I hope spring is really there for you now in Scotland. It has been a long winter.

The blackbird eggs are marvelous; what a find!!
Happy spring stitching : ) lenna

Debby said...

Thanks for sharing these great pics Frieda. They are wonderful.

I thought spring was here in my part of the world, but they are talking snow for Tuesday. YUCK!!!


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