Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Rose Windows 2

Some of you may remember that two of my little quilts (20cm square) will be travelling with the Textile Experiments exhibition through Germany and Switserland. I showed them on an earlier post here.

I've just finished Rose Windows 2, made in entirely the same way and here is the picture. I've made it as a commission for one of my inchie swappers. I don't usually do commissions but these little quilts were such fun to make that I quite fancied making another one. I've uploaded it here so that it can be checked out in all its glory before a decision is made to buy it. Hope she likes it!

The inchie quilts are fast becoming a series of work, all sparked off by my Journal Quilt 2007 for Houston!


Anonymous said...

Oh Frieda, ik ben toch zo'n fan van jouw prachtige werk. Ik lees je blog, als ik die aangekondigd zie op de Google sidebar op mijn laptop.

Lieve groetn,

Jolande van de Beld

Lenna Andrews said...

I love this frieda! The colors ar so refreshing. It is a great way to showcase 'inchies' and the background you've laid them on is nice & textured.

I think she will love it!

Debby said...

This is gorgeous and the colors are some of my fav.


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