Tuesday, 8 April 2008

White and Sepia ATCs for ColourGroupies (warning Vintage Nude images)

First of all, for those of you worrying if I ever sleep, and following the article in the newspaper yesterday describing how bloggers are succumbing to heart attacks due to the stress of daily postings, I did not make these ATCs today! And this does definitely not stress me either for that matter, on the contrary I really enoy it!

In fact I made them over a month ago in a sudden moment of inspiration. These ATCs are for the participants in the ColourGroupies Yahoo group, which is a very select one of only 5 members and we aim to keep it that way. Every month we make an ATC for all the other members (and I also make one for myself) and once they are received by everyone we can put them on public show. The colour scheme for April is White and Sepia. All mine have safely landed so here they are:

The first one is for Debby but all the cards are made in much the same way which I arrived at after working on another piece of art (which I will show in a later post but that too is a surprise for someone!). I started with a lovely pre-quilted piece of white material and I just loaded this up with lots and lots of vintage lace, stitching one on top of another, until I arrived at a composition I was happy with. For Debby's card I added a fabric image of a severe looking boy (from Paperwhimsy), as she loves vintage children. I also added 3 vintage buttons, more lace and the text: Keep Control (he looks like he wants to do just that!). All the cards were straight stitched onto watercolour card, for once with unfinished edges as I was after that vintage look with loose threads!

Lenna's one has an image from Alphastamps Emotions sheet in transparency form which was stitched on. A large vintage button was added as well as a flower trim (I bought these in bulk on Ebay, and I simply adore them). I added the text: Fancy meeting you here, as she looks rather surprised.
Caryls' card is much the same, with an image from Alphastamps Tinted Beauties sheet this time, another of my Ebay flower trim finds and 3 vintage buttons, with the text She sighed again. I try to find text which suits the images and very often this is the part of the entire process which takes the most time (I tend to get lost once I open a book!).

Tristan shares my taste for vintage nudes so I try and give him one almost every month. This one is from Alphastamps Nudes#2 sheet and is a transparency. She was decorated with a large vintage flower to save her some blushes and was given the title: Lover (she looks like she is wearing, if that is the right word, a wedding dress).

Finally I also made one for me (ATC no. 88 of 100) and indulged myself too with a vintage nude image, also from AS Nudes#2sheet. She too received a large flower but this one covers up nothing. And as she looked like one , she received the text She was a Fool.


katelnorth said...

Nice ATCs. And I had to laugh at the idea of bloggers having heart attacks due to blogging pressure - I mean, did Samuel Pepys have a heart attack over the pressure of keeping a diary? :)

Gunnels blog said...

These are so beautiful! Love theme all!

Janny said...

They are great!

Debby said...

Frieda they are all so beautiful. Again I love mine and it is gorgeous.

Lenna Andrews said...

i really like it when I get to see ALL of the ATcs in the series, including yours, Frieda! I so like the one you created for me with the large flower and the woman just as she is . . . but it completes it for me to see them all diplayed together. Lovely. lovely work!!

p.s. you have been so busy even if you did make these a while ago!

purplepaint said...

These are just beautiful! Love all your work, very inspiring! Marva


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