Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Abby's visit

Finally the moment has arrived and yesterdayI met up for the very first time with one of my on-line friends. I was so excited that I totally forgot to take pictures myself but not to worry, Abby made up for it and her pictures will be coming my way eventually.

In the meantime I'm decorating this post with some pictures taking in Rosslyn Chapel last year when photography was still allowed and from this you can guess that we managed a visit yesterday. My lips are sealed about any photography going on!

John and I collected Abby and her husband Michael from their hotel and brought them back here where Abby and I spend some quality time in my studio while the husbands concentrated on making lunch.

We then set off for Rosslyn Chapel and although it was quite windy, the rain stayed away and the views from the scaffolding which surrounds the chapel were beautiful. The chapel is as always deeply impressive and I think I will always continue to discover something new every time I visit and this visit was no exception.
All the time Abby and I just kept on chatting about just about everything you can think of and I really felt like I had known her for absolutely ever. She also surprised me with a wonderful bracelet full of Indian symbols!

At the end of the day we dropped them off again at their hotel but the good news is that they come to visit Scotland regularly so a future visit is definitely on the cards!!

If only I could meet up with all my internet friends in this way!!

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Lenna Andrews said...

How wonderful, Frieda & Abby!! I can only imagine what fun this was for you both! I do hope to work on making your wish of meeting more of your internet friends (and their husbands!) come true . . . before tooo long! : ) fondly, lenna


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