Thursday, 8 May 2008

Bronze and Maroon ATCs

The colour combination for this month's Colour Groupies ATC Swap was bronze and maroon and I have to admit this was not the easiest combination for me. I did however remember I had some bronzy metallic fabric and managed to locate it somewhere in my stash.

I layered this up with wadding (batting) and machine quilt it with a decorative stitch (and yes, it was really temperamental fabric, but I subdued it eventually!). I added some deep red (maroon) fabric strips on top, also by machining. I then located some suitable images (all from Bmuse) and stitched these on where the maroon strips crossed each other. Maroon size 11 seed beads were added around the images as well as vintage buttons and suitable text from my vintage books. These first two are fairly alike, one with a transparency and the other one paper, and went to Caryl (Fruitful Promise) and Debbie (Abundant Harvest) .

On the other two cards I used images from Bmuse's so-called fabrik/paper, which is still paper but you can hand and machine stitch through it very easily! The With the book open one went to Lenna as I know she and Steven like to read together so it seems rather appropriate and the Automobile one went to Tristan (boys and their toys!). I was so pleased when I found the text Modern Automobile.

Of course I also made one for my 100 ATC project. This is no. 89 of 100 and is called: Return Tonight? I think the ? made this ATC!


Helen Cowans said...

Like you I can remember the most obscure piece of fabric in my stash...but sometimes the details of daily life pass me by completely :)

Ati. Norway. said...

I think you have made the most wonderful atc's with those colors !!

Lenna Andrews said...

You have done a beautiful job with this colour combo, Frieda!! I adore the one you made for me & you are so right, it is very appropo. Right now I am reading Girl meets Boy by ALi Smith: and I must say it's very interesting. I just pick things up at the library & basically 'have to' read now to keep up with Steven!! It's a good thing.

Thank you for your beautiful ATC!

Debby said...

Frieda, I love each and every one of your bronze and maroon atcs.


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