Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Things are happening in the garden!

t seems like only a few weeks since we had snow but now everything looks so different. Remember those lovely blue blackbird eggs I showed you on an earlier blog. Now look what has happened to them. I'm only taking this one photograph and am going to leave the little babies in peace after this, particularly as the nest is quite low in the tree and I don't want to draw it to the attention of Troi, my greyhound. She's so fast that I would not put it past her to catch a fledgeling bird.

There are lots of nests with young birds about. Even on our patio, a robin is flying busily to and fro from its nest (in the nestbox) with little tasty morsels for its babies.
It does not seem at all alarmed by my presence, sewing in the sun.

All the plants and flowers are also popping out of the ground as if by magic, such as these cowslips. They are so brilliantly yellow and I love how they seem to shake their heads in the faint breeze.

Even the winter pansies which were the only bit of colour on the patio over the winter months, seem to have taken on a new lease of life with the sun and the warmer days and put on one last display. The colours in them are just amazing and a real inspiration to come up with different colour combinations for our Colour Groupies ATC swaps every month. I love this one, it's so delicate and soft but with a hint of bite in the shape of mauve! Must make a list!


Debby said...

Things are happening in the garden. Looks wonderful. Sweet little birdie!

Faye said...

Your pictures are lovely. I know your garden must be really pretty now that winter is over. Imagine! getting that close to a bird's nest! How cool. Thanks for visiting my blog and for your kind comments. Faye

Lenna Andrews said...

good! make a list of new combos, I approve : )) I love to think of you sewing in the sun : )))



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