Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Catching Up

As some of you might have guessed I have been on the road and have also been working on not one but two large quilts which I can't show you yet. Today was spend at the Loch Lomond Quilt Show although I'm not going to show you pictures. You can take photographs but only for your own use and as I never tire of telling people, by posting them on your blog you are infringing other people's copyright.

Despite this fact I'm only too aware this happens all the time and I can actually find pictures of my own quilts featured on various blogs and websites. Therefore I never post any pictures of my own work myself till the quilt hits its first show and is out there anyway.

I did see some beautiful work and also enjoyed revisiting the wonderful churches in which the Show takes place but the best visual input came from the drive there and back (gorgeous rhododendrons and bright yellow rape fields, too stunning for words) and while walking in Dumbarton where I came across this faded and dilapidated pink gate, which stopped me in my tracks! And I was allowed to touch it, even better!

The drive (1.5hrs there and back, so 3 hrs and in beautiful sunshine too) also gave me time to do some thinking about where I want to go with my work and I have decided after mulling it over for months now, that giving workshops will become a thing of the past by next summer. The very fact that I'm fully booked till then, should have told me something long before now. There are times when I love doing it such as last Saturday, when I had a lovely drive, a very appreciative audience, a venue with a ramp (for my suitcase!) and a great cup of tea. But the fact that I loved it so much clearly illustrates to me, that this is the exception rather than the rule. I've had some wonderful bookings, like this, but there have also have been many occasions when things were all too different and after more than 13 years I feel I want to spend more time on my own work and I would also like to spend more time with husband, dogs, cats and our beautiful home. Yes, I also want to be able to smell the roses! So Summer 2009 will be the time! I might continue giving some slide talks, within a reasonable driving distance from here, but spaced out over the year and much reduced from my present schedule.

Making the decision did make me feel so relieved that I already know I'm doing the right thing and I might start investigating selling small work maybe from this blog or in some other form. Another thing to mull over but I will take this slowly! Of course I'll keep you posted as this blog is something I never intend to give up!!


Rosie said...

3 things spring to mind:-
1. The sense of relief is indicative that you made the right decision so Bravo!
2. I appreciate what you say about copyright... there's a bit of a debate about the fact that I put a watermark thru all my photos, but that's initially to stop other people using my photos and saying it's their artwork, etc.
3. I'd love to feature you on Inspirational Blogs please... have a look here and then say Yes?!!
Cheers, Rosie

Helen Cowans said...

I can tell you are happy with your decision. I have decided not to teach in the studio this autumn and it is a relief. And I know exactly what you mean about good and not so good venues.....Good luck with the new direction :)

Rosie said...

Frieda - you've been featured on Inspirational!!

You can find the code for the Inspirational button on the right in the sidebar if you'd like to add it to your blog. Thanks for agreeing! Hugs, Rosie


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